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The “Truth About Splenda” Website Launched

Website Represents First Step in a Major Public Education Campaign

Washington D.C. [January 10, 2005] -- A group of concerned consumers, led by sugar cane and sugar beet farmers across America, today launched the website to better educate consumers about the chlorinated artificial sweetener Splenda.

Johnson & Johnson, which markets Splenda, has led consumers, reporters and the general public to believe that this chemical sweetener is somehow natural. The highly publicized slogan “Made from Sugar so it Tastes Like Sugar” is deceptive and misleads consumers about what they are feeding their families. Just one indication of the public’s confusion can be seen in a recent poll, undertaken by a national consumer group, stating that nearly half of present and past Splenda users believe it is “natural.”

“The truth is Splenda is not grown in a sugar beet or a sugar cane field. It’s manufactured in a chemical plant,” Andy Briscoe, President and CEO of the Sugar Association, recently commented. “It’s a highly processed chlorinated sweetener, and no one knows for sure what the long term effects may be. I am sure of one thing: it’s not natural.”

The website, , is only the first step in building a nationwide coalition of people and organizations committed to ensuring that the American people are better educated about the fact that Splenda is an artificial sweetener which contains chlorine.

For more information about the “Truth About Splenda” campaign or to get involved, please contact Rich Masters at Qorvis Communications, 202-496-1000, e-mail , or visit the website at

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