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Splenda Advertising Legislative Hearings in California

Chair of the California Assembly Committee on Health, Mervyn M. Dymally (D-Compton), has announced he will hold legislative hearings on the use of deceptive advertising to promote artificial sweeteners like Splenda. The hearings will take place after the current legislative session. Below you will find the statement from Assembly member Dymally announcing the hearing and a statement from the Sugar Association applauding his decision. The Health Committee is interested in hearing from consumers who have had negative experiences with food additives like Splenda and from food safety or consumer watchdog groups. For more than three years, the Truth About Splenda... Continue Reading

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Letter from the OCA to the Federal Trade Commission Regarding Splenda

Note: The OCA urges consumers to send a similar letter to the FTC, regarding Splenda's advertising practices. Please feel free to use our letter as a template, print up and mail to the address below: February 24, 2005 Division of Advertising Practices Bureau of Consumer Protection Federal Trade Commission 600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20580 To Whom It May Concern: On behalf of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), I would like to submit a formal complaint against the deception-filled marketing campaign being conducted by Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Nutritionals for its artificial sweetener Splenda. The marketing campaign, which continually uses... Continue Reading

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Sweetener in the Spotlight: Is Splenda Safe?

Lawsuits Put New Focus on Splenda and Other Artificial Sweeteners By Colette Bouchez WebMD Medical News          Reviewed By Michael Smith, MD Feb. 16, 2005 -- Courtroom battles between the makers of Splenda and Equal have many questioning the safety of artificial sweeteners. Since early 2000 McNeil Nutritionals has been advertising that its product -- Splenda -- is "made from sugar so it tastes like sugar." But the National Sugar Association and Merisant Worldwide (maker of Equal brand sweetener) have challenged that claim in a lawsuit. McNeil Nutritionals shot back with a countersuit implying the case against them was more... Continue Reading

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The Sweetener Wars

The Sweetener Wars By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Did you know that over the past twenty years a war has been going on?  It’s a sweetener war. A battle for your dollar to satisfy an ever demanding “sweet-tooth.” It started in the United States, but has spread worldwide.  Thousands of people have been injured, and hundreds have lost their lives.  It’s a battle of health versus profit. Medical doctors, holistic doctors, nutritionists, journalists, researchers, and professors – many people have fought for the truth about the dangers of artificial sweeteners. In this unseen battle, these men and women you do... Continue Reading

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How Splenda Was Approved

How Splenda Was Approved By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Dr. Jacqueline Verett, a FDA toxicologist, told Congress in 1981 that “all aspartame studies were built on a foundation of sand and should be thrown out.” It's all a matter of public record for us to learn from our past mistakes. Dr. Adrian Gross was the FDA toxicologist who tried to stop the “second” approval of aspartame. He told Congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment that forbid putting anything in food that was suspect of causing cancer. He said thatbeyond any shadow of a doubt, aspartame could cause brain tumors... Continue Reading

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The Drama Surrounding Splenda

The Drama Surrounding Splenda By Dr. Janet Starr Hull The cat’s out of the bag. Splenda’s safety is in question. Although the debate on the safety of sucralose in Splenda primarily focuses on chlorine, the creators of sucralose (Tate & Lyle) and the manufacturer (Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Nutritionals) both claim absolute safety, making statements like, “Splenda has no known side effects.” Yet the science doesn’t back this up. Since we depend on the corporations to provide us with the safety data on their products, we must be aware of the claims concerning the presence of chlorine (and the chemicals... Continue Reading

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The “Truth About Splenda” Website Launched

Website Represents First Step in a Major Public Education Campaign Washington D.C. [January 10, 2005] -- A group of concerned consumers, led by sugar cane and sugar beet farmers across America, today launched the website to better educate consumers about the chlorinated artificial sweetener Splenda. Johnson & Johnson, which markets Splenda, has led consumers, reporters and the general public to believe that this chemical sweetener is somehow natural. The highly publicized slogan “Made from Sugar so it Tastes Like Sugar” is deceptive and misleads consumers about what they are feeding their families. Just one indication of the public’s... Continue Reading

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