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Citizens For Health Says Splenda Causing Health Problems

This just came over news wires: 3-21-07


Splenda Side Effect Hotline Established by Consumer Group
Citizens for Health Urges FTC, FDA to Take Action
Consumer Group, Citizens For Health
Claims Artificial Sweetener SPLENDA
Causes Health Problems

A warning that "Splenda" could be bad for you.

A consumer group, Citizens For Health claims that "Splenda", an artificial sweetener, and foods that contain it, are causing health problems.

A special hotline[*] has been set up for those who think they are suffering from side effects.

'Citizens for health' wants people to call that hotline with their concerns so it can gather evidence against "Splenda."

The group says the artificial sweetener is dangerous and should not be sold.

"Splenda" is just about everywhere in restaurants, drinks and the food you eat.

March 22 2007

McNeil Nutritionals, LLC is committed to developing innovative nutritional products, like SPLENDA® Sweeteners, that provide important health and lifestyle benefits. The company is extremely proud of the strong pre-clinical and clinical database that supports the safety of sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in all SPLENDA® Sweetener Products.

Citizens for Health has engaged in numerous tactics that misinform consumers with unsubstantiated claims about sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sweeteners. The recent Citizens for Health press conference, which was supported by Qorvis Communications, the public relations agency of record for The Sugar Association, included false and misleading information designed to injure the reputation and goodwill of the SPLENDA® Brand and McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. These inaccuracies about the SPLENDA® Brand are a great disservice to millions of consumers, particularly those looking to monitor caloric intake or manage diabetes, who safely use and enjoy SPLENDA® Sweeteners every day.

McNeil Nutritionals, LLC maintains a rigorous quality control program, and closely monitors consumer reports about experiences with all of its products. This is standard practice and consistent with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's direction to food manufacturers to assure the safety of products. Accordingly, it is important that consumers report product experiences directly to the company, since it has the appropriate access to manufacturing details, and the ability to monitor reports to identify and correct any potential issues.

The SPLENDA® Brand employs these stringent quality control standards to offer a portfolio of unparalleled products. This dedication to our consumers is demonstrated by our marketplace strength and continued growth, which has propelled the SPLENDA® Brand to become the leading no calorie sweetener brand.

The safety of sucralose is well documented in more than 100 scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period. Sucralose has been available internationally for more than 15 years and is approved for use in over 80 countries. Sucralose is used in more than 4,000 products of major food brands worldwide. The safety data on sucralose have been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and other national regulatory agencies, as well as by international health authorities, and found to be safe for use by all consumers, including children, pregnant women and people with diabetes.We stand confidently behind the SPLENDA® Brand and the exemplary and well-documented safety record of its products.

Recent news has also focused attention on ongoing litigation, which centers on marketing practices, not on the well-established safety profile of SPLENDA® Sweeteners Myfoxdc. McNeil Nutritionals, LLC believe these allegations are without merit, and will continue to vigorously defend its position.

Dr. Hull's Comments:

This corporate defense against the accusation of Splenda dangers by Citizens For Health is not the final decision on Splenda safety. It is merely the corporate opinion by Splenda manufactures to justify sales and profits about their questionable chemical sweetener. As the first person to research Splenda safety and write the first book on the dangers of Splenda, I suggest reading my book Splenda® Is It Safe Or Not? (and check your local library for a copy if you chose not to purchase your own) for the research available.

Hat’s Off! to Citizens For Health for keeping the grass-roots movement in the United States alive and well. Without these types of movements to inform consumers about the “other side” of diet chemicals, this country would be subject to misinformation solely controlled by the marketing departments of manufactured products gaining profit over health. And thank goodness for our freedom of speech in America to express these truths and opinions.

*Citizens for Health Hotline #: 1-888-774-CALL (2255) for consumers who believe they are suffering side effects from the use of Splenda. Citizens for Health is the national nonprofit consumer advocacy group working to broaden health care options, create an integrative health system based on wellness, and advance the freedom to make health choices.

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