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Makers of Artificial Sweeteners Go To Court

By LYNNLEY BROWNING Published: April 6, 2007 New York Times In one corner is the artificial sweetener in the blue packet, Equal; in the other is its best-selling rival in the yellow packet, Splenda. The maker of Equal contends that Splenda has been misleading millions of consumers by fostering the notion, through television and print advertising, that Splenda is made from sugar and is natural. Splenda’s maker counters that the process to make the sweetener does indeed start with sugar. Next Monday, a lawsuit brought by the maker of Equal, Merisant, against Splenda’s maker, McNeil Nutritionals, is scheduled to go... Continue Reading

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Citizens For Health Says Splenda Causing Health Problems

This just came over news wires: 3-21-07 PRNEWSWIRE Splenda Side Effect Hotline Established by Consumer Group Citizens for Health Urges FTC, FDA to Take Action Consumer Group, Citizens For Health Claims Artificial Sweetener SPLENDA Causes Health Problems A warning that "Splenda" could be bad for you. A consumer group, Citizens For Health claims that "Splenda", an artificial sweetener, and foods that contain it, are causing health problems. A special hotline[*] has been set up for those who think they are suffering from side effects. 'Citizens for health' wants people to call that hotline with their concerns so it can gather... Continue Reading

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Residents File Suit Against Splenda®

Residents file suit against Splenda®: McIntosh residents complain of excessive noise, noxious odor from plant June 21, 2006 By ANDY NETZEL Mobile Register Twenty-nine Washington County residents who live near the Tate & Lyle sucralose plant in McIntosh have filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming the maker of the main ingredient in the popular sweetener Splenda has hurt their property values and lowered their quality of life. The suit, filed this month in federal court, complains of excessive noise, noxious odor and also claims trespassing on private property by the company. Ferne Hudson, spokeswoman for London-based Tate & Lyle,... Continue Reading

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Rough month for SPLENDA makers...Citizens for Health ask FDA to revoke

Splenda, other sweeteners gain popularity, controversy By LISA MARSHALL Scripps Howard News Service 17-MAY-06 The last month has been a rough one for the makers of Splenda. On April 3, the consumer advocacy group Citizens for Health asked the Food and Drug Administration to revoke its approval of the popular sweetener, citing consumer complaints of adverse side-effects, such as stomach pains and rashes. Days earlier, a federal court had dismissed a lawsuit by Splenda-marketer, McNeil Nutritionals. The suit had accused the trade group, the Sugar Association, with false advertising related to its Splenda-bashing Web site, Meanwhile, the presses were... Continue Reading

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