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Dr. Janet Hull reveals the scientific evidence strongly suggesting the chemical sweetener sucralose may harm your body. Visit Is Splenda for more information!

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Oprah promotes Splenda® in her weight loss program

Another superstar has gotten on the Splenda® bandwagon. This time it is Oprah. Her new weight loss Boot Camp is using Splenda in their recipes. She and the fitness expert regularly appearing on her show, Bob Greene, are working with people all over the country helping them lose weight. So, while we appreciate Oprah’s work, we want to inform her of the dangers of Splenda use. You can email Oprah your Splenda story by filling out the online form. You can also email Bob Greene at Get With the Program. Let’s get the word out to these two very... Continue Reading

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How To Report Adverse Symptoms

If you've experienced adverse reactions to Splenda®, please consider contacting the FDA with your complaints. The FDA Web site includes contact information for non-emergency food-related complaints. Click on the link provided on the FDA Web site to find the appropriate district office with which to file your complaint. For more information, please visit for further information.... Continue Reading

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Hats Off To Health!

Dr. Janet Hull and the Hullistic Network are proud to announce the Hats Off To Health Award giving worthy recipients free advertising in The Healthy Newsletter and a banner to place on their site acknowledging receipt of this honor. Each month the Hullistic Network will present the award to companies, Web sites, organizations and individuals who work to promote the purest, healthiest products sold to the public. While these entities may not be perfect, it is the mission of the Hullistic Network to acknowledge them for taking positive steps to offer healthy products, to educate consumers about all aspects concerning... Continue Reading

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Tell Us Your Story

The Hullistic Network wants to hear your story! We've met many people who are struggling to find answers and support during their and/or their children's health challenges. We'd like to share inspirational stories of successful healing to help others. If you would like to help the Hullistic Network inspire others by sharing your personal story, please write to Lucy Parker Watkins at We would like to include these stories on our Web sites and in our newsletter. Please note: No identifying information or contact information will be posted with the stories. Please email them directly to Thank you... Continue Reading

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