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Chlorine In Your Tap Water and In Your Diet Cola

Would you drink a cup of pesticides? What about a cup of chemical water? All your aquarium fish will die within a matter of minutes if you add tap water to your fish tank without also adding a de-chlorinator to remove the chlorine. Doesn’t that tell you something about the danger of drinking chlorine? Chlorine in tap water results in cancer and many other diseases, according to researchers worldwide. So if chlorine in tap water is a suspected carcinogen, is it safe in diet colas? The manufacturers of chlorine-containing sucralose say the chlorine in their sweetener will pass harmlessly out... Continue Reading

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Reducing Your Exposure To Chlorine

By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Today, deposition of chlorine within the human body is an increasing reality, and the chlorine compound we must add to this list: Chlorinated sucrose—the “newly-marketed” chlorocarbohydrate (chlorocarbon) found in food products with Splenda®, the new chemical sweetener with unknown side effects from long-term internal use. Thanks to chlorine pollution, Americans are exposed to a daily amount of chlorine toxins 300 to 600 times greater than the EPA's "safe" dose.1 Monitoring chlorine-containing products from animal feed to artificial sweeteners is a critical step in reducing human exposure to chlorine because, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection... Continue Reading

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Chemical Toxicity: The Mounting Debt Our Bodies Will Pay

Chemical Toxicity: The Mounting Debt Our Bodies Will Pay By Dr. Janet Starr Hull Modern day chemical sweeteners are part of an alarming trend worldwide – the subtle introduction of more and more chemical toxins into our food supply.  From pesticides to hormones to steroids, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, and now fake sugars – the list goes on and on. During a 1990 conference in Brussels, Tate & Lyle’s vice chair of the International Sweetener’s Association (ISA) Public Relation’s Committee Lesley Yeoman stated, “Industry itself would like to see fewer regulations.  We can’t avoid the fact that sweeteners are classed as... Continue Reading

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